A unique "revue" for a unique place (French, English)


A unique village

Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of France, Oingt is known for its colors, its stones and its dominant location with a view of Beaujolais. This village has above all an extra soul that makes it unique. Welcome to the artists and craftsmen of Oingt.
Oingt is known to house many talents, go and meet them to discover their know-how and their creations.

Gathered within an association created in 2019 “the Ateliers d'Art de Oingt”, around twenty of them bring heritage to life. Tourists are not mistaken and come back to this village which imagines and gives birth to unique and precious works, making its owner the heir of a fragile but very valuable heritage.
Some artists come from far away, exhibit in national and international galleries. Others have taken part in internationally renowned events but all come back to Oingt which, like an artist's palette unfolds and reveals all the nuances of art.

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