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"There, all is order and beauty, luxury, calm and voluptuousness"

The Chateau de la Chaize

Curious about wine and passionate about history, Christophe Gruy is an elegant and discreet man.

A family story

When he discovered the Château de la Chaize in Odenas, he was struck by the charm of this sleeping beauty nestled in the hollow of the Beaujolais valleys.

Christophe Gruy (president of the Lyon group MAIA) has the soul of a builder. When he visits the estate, he detects a rich and precious potential both in terms of wine and heritage. Seduced by this mix of vineyards and gardens, people and landscapes, history and future, he quickly made his decision.

Thus, in July 2017, the Gruy family succeeded the Roussy de Sales family, descendants of the Marquis de la Chaize, Seneschal of Lyon to whom we owe the construction of the castle in 1676.

Renowned architects

Didier Repellin, chief architect of Historic Monuments, was selected for his skills. We owe him the restoration of the Villa Medici in Rome and the Hôtel Dieu in Lyon. 

To carry out his work, he relied on the original plans drawn up by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, architect of the Palace of Versailles. These plans, preciously preserved at the castle, will allow an authentic restitution of the original model. 

It is a question of returning to this delicate residence its charm and its splendor of yesteryear. Its ocher colors used on the facade and the existence of frescoes in the rooms of the castle give it a little air of Italy. Furnished identically for several generations, Christophe Gruy is part of this tradition and strives to preserve the spirit of the place and its history.

Sumptuous gardens

The gardens, created by Le Nôtre, gardener to King Louis XIV, are maintained by zealous gardeners and robot lawnmowers, a mixture of tradition and modernity.

A star-shaped vegetable garden irrigated by a water reservoir, installed upstream from its creation for an entirely gravity hydraulic flow, supplies the gourmets of the estate.

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